Creating Outstanding Musical Opportunities across Northamptonshire for Youth Musicians (Aged 18-30)


Northants Youth Music 23


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Introducing Northants Youth Music 23

Northants Youth Music 23 is a volunteer run organisation that aims to provide support to help young people pursue their dreams in music. We create performance opportunities for singers and musicians (aged 18-30) to facilitate their continual development of classical to jazz music, regardless if they are starting out in a career in music, or already have achieved some success.

We also recognise that music and the opportunity to perform are key to young peoples’ continued development be that for mental wellbeing, socialisation or building friendships, even if not pursuing a career in music but want a helping hand to continually improve their singing and music skills and grow.

Who Are We?

Creating Outstanding Musical Opportunities across Northamptonshire for Youth Musicians (Aged 18-30)

Run by volunteers, driven by passion. Young artists and musicians are a vital part of our fledging organisation. From Classical to Jazz, whether a complete beginner or experienced, Northants Youth Music 23 exists to provide youth musicians with outstanding opportunities to grow and develop themselves and their skills.

NYM 23 offers Young Artists the opportunity to plan, stage and perform at a small exclusive venue within the community: The young artists will be:

  • Supported to find a venue and agree terms with the venue owner
  • Coached by one of our professional musicians to perfect the performance
  • Supported to create a sales and marketing campaign, including social media, radio and press


Please email us to find out more:

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Upcoming Performances

Classical Spectacular Brass and Voices

Picnic on the Lawn

Northants Youth Music was delighted to return to the University of Northampton’s Engine Shed Lawn again in 2023 following last year’s success.

Northans Youth Music 23
performance for 2024
to be adviced at a later date

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